June 8, 2010

Dad’s Popular — but Dogs Are More So


Nearly three-in-four adults say they feel “close” to their fathers — but America’s dads shouldn’t feel too smug. Not only do moms outpoll them on the intimacy scale, but the family dog tops both.

When you ask U.S. adults about their parents, fully 74% say they feel close to their father. But a 2006 Pew Research Center survey found that somewhat more, 87%, say they feel close to their mother. Moreover, dogs edge both parents, as well as cats, in the human intimacy sweepstake. Fully 94% of dog owners say they feel “close” to their pet compared with 84% of cat owners. So for anyone keeping score, the family intimacy standings look like this: dog 94%; mom 87%; cat 84%; dad 74%. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Read More

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