May 12, 2009

Online Political News Audience Doubles One President Later


The number of Americans using the internet to get political news has more than doubled since the 2000 election.

During Bill Clinton’s final presidential campaign, only 4% of Americans went online for political news. When George W. Bush’s first ran for president fewer than one-in-five Americans (18%) were getting political news on the internet. But last fall 44% of Americans got political news online, double the number who used the internet for political news in 2000. In fact, the internet is now on par with newspapers as a major source of campaign news for Americans. A quarter of all adults (26%) got most of their election news from the internet, compared with 28% who got their election news from newspapers. Fully 60% of Americans who use the internet got political news online in 2008. Among this group, 12% logged online every day for their political news fix and 7% did so multiple times over the course of a typical day. Read More

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