January 6, 2009

Millennials Endorse Interracial Dating


Millennials are nearly unanimous in their support for interracial dating.

Since 1987, the percentage of Americans approving of interracial dating has increased dramatically, from 48% to 83%. Support for interracial dating has risen among members of every generation in that time, but substantial gaps in approval remain. While 86% of Gen Xers approve of interracial dating, as well as 83% of Baby Boomers, just 67% of members of the Silent Generation (Americans who were born prior to 1946) agree. Still this is a substantial increase, since as recently as 1987 only 36% of Silent Generationers endorsed interracial dating, as did only a relatively small majority (58%) of Boomers. Millennials, everyone born from 1981 to 2000, have been in strong support of interracial dating since they were first surveyed, and today approval is nearly unanimous at 93%. Read More