March 17, 2008

Rate US Economy Good or Excellent


Fewer than one-in-five Americans (17%) now rate the US economy as performing well — a sharp decline from the already low number (26%) who viewed the economy as in good or excellent state in the first month of 2008

Public views of the US economy, already quite negative, have plummeted since January; last month just 17% rated the nation’s economy as good or excellent, down from 26% the previous month. The percentage of Americans rating the economy as “poor” has increased even more dramatically, from 28% to 45% in one month. Moreover, there has been a modest rise in the proportion of Americans who view their own finances negatively, though personal financial ratings continue to be more positive than opinions of the overall economy. A majority of Americans (53%) now say their financial situation is only fair or poor, up from 49% in January. Read More

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