April 16, 2007

Nigerian Muslims Self-Identify First with Their Religion


That’s the huge proportion of Muslims in Nigeria who say their religion is more important to them than their identity as Africans, Nigerians or members of an ethnic group; nearly as many Christians, 76%, also name their religion as the most important factor in their lives.

Nigerian Muslims, are nearly unanimous (91%) in naming their religion, rather than their nationality, as the most important factor in their lives — a view shared by 76% of Christians in Nigeria and a sharp reminder of the religious divide in Africa’s most populous country as it prepares for presidential and National Assembly elections on April 21. However, a 2006 survey conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, also found the appetite for major political change extends across the religious spectrum. Large majorities of both the country’s Christians (94%) and Muslims (97%) say they are dissatisfied with conditions, and the discontent extends to virtually every major secular institution. Read More

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