March 30, 2007

Young Adults Say OK to Freeload Music and Videos


That’s the percentage of young adults (ages 18-25) who say it is okay for people to download or share music or video files without paying for them.

Young people have always pushed the envelope in terms of what is morally right and wrong. Today’s youth are no exception. But Gen Nexters stand out from other generations on one measure in particular. They are much more accepting when it comes to downloading or sharing music or video files without paying for them — 46% of Nexters said this was okay, compared with 28% of Xers and less than 20% of Boomers and Seniors. (The Pew Gen Next survey presented respondents with a series of behaviors and activities that are either illegal, such as smoking marijuana, or may be considered risky or unwise, like consuming a lot of alcohol. Respondents were asked whether each is okay “for other people to do,” even it is something they might not do themselves.) Read More

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