December 1, 1999

Views of Tea Party Supporters Grow More Negative


More Americans now think that members of Congress who support the Tea Party are having a negative effect than said that in January, at the start of the new Congress.

In a survey conducted after the conclusion of the debt ceiling negotiations, nearly three in ten (29%) of Americans judged the impact of Tea Party supporters as mostly negative compared with 22% who see their impact as mostly positive. At the beginning of the year, the balance of opinion was just the opposite: 27% said that Tea Party members in Congress would have a positive impact, while 18% expected a negative effect. The balance of opinion changed the most among political independents. In January, by a margin of 29% to 14% independents expected that Tea Party members would have a positive effect. Currently, about as many independents say Tea Party members in Congress are having a negative effect (28%) as a positive effect (24%). Read More