Pew Research CenterMay 21, 2013

Blacks Suffer Disproportionate Share of Firearm Homicide Deaths

Blacks were 55% of shooting homicide victims in 2010, but 13% of the population.

Pew Research CenterMay 20, 2013

Most Don’t Think Legal Status Would “Reward” Those Here Illegally

A majority of Americans do not feel that giving unauthorized immigrants legal status would be like rewarding them for doing something wrong.

Pew Research CenterMay 17, 2013

Syria? Egypt? Turkey? Many Americans Aren’t Sure

Nearly one in five Americans mis-identified Syria as Turkey on a map of the Middle East.

Pew Research CenterMay 16, 2013

IRS Among Least-Popular Federal Agencies

Four in 10 Americans say they have an unfavorable view of the IRS.

Pew Research CenterMay 15, 2013

The Sandwich Generation: Burdens on Middle-Aged Americans on the Rise

Nearly half of middle-aged adults have a parent 65 or older and are caring for or financially supporting a child.

Pew Research CenterMay 14, 2013

One Reason Some Americans Give up on News Media: Less Information

Nearly one-third of Americans abandoned a particular news outlet because it no longer provides the same level of news and information.

Pew Research CenterMay 13, 2013

Youngest Americans Are the Most Politically Active on Social Networking Sites

Two-thirds of young adults ages 18-to-24 engage in some sort of political activity on social networking sites.

Pew Research CenterMay 10, 2013

The Uneven Economic Recovery: Wealth of Upper 7% Rises, While Less-Affluent See Declines

From 2009 to 2011, the mean wealth of the most affluent 8 million households rose to an estimated $3,173,895 from an estimated $2,476,244.

Pew Research CenterMay 9, 2013

Why Own a Gun? Protection Is Now Top Reason

The number of gun owners who say that protection is their top reason for having one has risen 22 percentage points since 1999.

Pew Research CenterMay 8, 2013

A Majority of Americans Have Received Benefits from Federal Entitlement Programs

More than half of Americans have received government benefits at some point from a major federal entitlement program.