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Media & NewsAug 31, 2010

Politics Tops Media Agenda, Again

The midterm elections led the week’s news for the second time in three weeks.

Media & NewsAug 26, 2010

Blogs Debate New York Mosque

Debate over the mosque controversy raged online again, but in contrast to last week, bloggers in support of the Islamic center lead the discussion.

Media & NewsAug 25, 2010

How the Media Covered the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

The disaster in the Gulf dominated the news for the 100 days following the initial rig explosion. A media analysis finds the mainstream press spent considerable time reporting from the region and humanizing the crisis.

Media & NewsAug 24, 2010

Islamic Center Tops Media Agenda

The controversy over a New York Islamic center dominated ideologically driven talk shows on both cable TV and radio — but registered barely a blip in mainstream newspapers.

Media & NewsAug 19, 2010

Blogs Not Neutral on Google

Bloggers roundly criticized Google for seemingly softening its support of network neutrality — the concept of treating all internet traffic equally across a network.

Media & NewsAug 17, 2010

Campaign Coverage Heats Up

The midterm elections led the news last week. For the first time since the crisis began in late April the Gulf oil spill was not among the top three topics reported on in the media.

Media & NewsAug 12, 2010

Bloggers Applaud Gay Marriage Victory

More than a quarter of the news links on blogs were about the Proposition 8 decision. The commentary was overwhelmingly positive.

Media & NewsAug 10, 2010

Job Numbers Boost Economic Coverage

The jobs situation accounted for more than a third of all the economy-related news. Also, with little oil leaking, coverage of the Gulf reaches a low.

Media & NewsAug 5, 2010

Journalism Jobs Harder to Find

A University of Georgia survey of recent journalism and mass communication graduates finds toughest job market in the 24-year history of the study. Minority graduates have had an especially difficult time finding work. In regards to being prepared for communications work, graduates give their schools mixed grades.

Media & NewsAug 5, 2010

Technology Concerns Dominate Twitter

Two consumer-related technology topics dominated on Twitter last week — privacy concerns on Facebook and user rights with Apple’s iPhone device.