Media & News Mar. 3, 2011

Blogs Debate Wisconsin, Unions

On blogs, a passionate debate — clearly split along ideological lines — raged over the role of unions in American politics and economics.

Media & News Mar. 1, 2011

Media Attention Turns To Libya

The news devoted to the Middle East in the past five weeks easily exceeds any month of coverage of the Iraq war since January 2007.

Media & News Feb. 24, 2011

Blogs in Sync with Mainstream Media on Budget, Egypt

Social and mainstream media were in sync last week as bloggers focused on two primary topics — the U.S. budget and Middle East unrest.

Media & News Feb. 23, 2011

Budget Battles Lead the News

Debate over Obama’s budget and the protests in Wisconsin drove coverage of economic issues to the top of the media agenda.

Media & News Feb. 17, 2011

Blogs, Twitter Decry Patriot Act

Reauthorization of the Patriot Act led the conversation on both blogs and Twitter last week. And voices from both ends of the political spectrum were actually in agreement.

Media & News Feb. 15, 2011

Mubarak’s Exit Keeps Focus on Middle East

Just as the media began to turn away from the story, the president of Egypt’s resignation overwhelmed news coverage — especially on cable — with reports of the protests.

Media & News Feb. 10, 2011

Blogs Consumed by Egypt News

Bloggers were consumed with the upheaval in Egypt last week, using the platform to relay news updates, provide context to the crisis and debate the implications of the situation.

Media & News Feb. 8, 2011

Egypt Overwhelms News Agenda

The events in the Middle East accounted for more than half of all news coverage. The saga is the biggest international story in the past four years, surpassing any coverage of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Media & News Feb. 3, 2011

Egypt Uprisings Slow to Register on Blogs, Twitter

The turmoil in Egypt did not register as a major social media topic last week. Blogs discussed allegations surrounding Clarence Thomas and Twitter focused on technology.

Media & News Feb. 1, 2011

SOTU Overshadowed by Middle East Unrest

While attention to unrest in the Middle East accounted for only 8% of the overall coverage early in the week, from Jan. 27 through Jan. 30 it skyrocketed to 36%.