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Media & News May. 18, 2010

Media Don’t Leave Gulf for Kagan

Elena Kagan’s press lagged well behind the attention paid to Obama’s selection of Sotomayor. The Gulf oil spill remained big news for the fourth consecutive week.

Media & News May. 11, 2010

Terrorism Tops Disasters

Coverage of the Times Square car bomb attempt became the biggest single terrorism story since January 2007; Gulf oil spill coverage up but Tennessee flooding got little attention

Media & News May. 6, 2010


Debate over a visit to earth by alien beings was the only news item to receive significant attention on both the blogs and Twitter.

Media & News May. 4, 2010

Wall Street, Oil Spill & Immigration Uproars

Fueled by a congressional showdown with Goldman Sachs executives, economic news led news coverage during a crowded week that also featured the uproar over Arizona’s new immigration law and the developing ecological disaster in the Gulf Coast.

Media & News May. 3, 2010

Blog Blame Game

Bloggers searched for political villains in the wake of the oil spill and failed terrorist attack.

Media & News Apr. 29, 2010

Eyjafjallajoekull Effect

A good deal of the commentary included individual experiences from bloggers directly affected by the grounded fights. Plus, promiscuous clothing as cause of earthquakes.

Media & News Apr. 27, 2010

Economic Rally

Fraud and possible reform on Wall Street generated the most economic news of the year. Heated cable news debate over Arizona’s new immigration law made it a big story as well.

Media & News Apr. 22, 2010

Diversity Online

While social media is often consumed by a single topic, the blogosphere has been split by three stories: Iceland’s volcano, a Polish plane crash and Obama’s press coverage.

Media & News Apr. 20, 2010

Hiding in Plain Sight: Kennedy to Brown

A new media analysis finds that after months of little interest, polling, not reporting, was the focus of intense press coverage in the race to succeed Sen. Kennedy.

Media & News Apr. 20, 2010

Explosive Coverage: Volcano, Nukes and Tea

Mixed news on the state of the economy made it the No. 1 story, but a volcanic eruption, nuclear weapons and Tea Party protests rounded out the media agenda.