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Media & NewsMar 30, 2009

Online Journalists Optimistic About Revenue, Concerned About Quality

Internet journalists see a revenue path on the web, but also say the internet is changing journalism mostly for the worse.

Media & NewsMar 27, 2009

Blogs Can’t Escape AIG

Though new media often diverges from the traditional press, reaction to the AIG bonuses united the two.

Media & NewsMar 24, 2009

For the Media, AIG Is All the Rage

Last week, the narrative for a complex economic crisis got much simpler. The coverage focused on one corporate villain and one angry public.

Media & NewsMar 20, 2009

An End to Religion, Newspapers and the American Way of Life

While the traditional press focused on economic villains, bloggers largely eschewed partisan squabbling and parsing of details for a more abstract and far-reaching discussion.

Media & NewsMar 17, 2009

Media Match: Cramer vs. Stewart

Press focus turned to the hunt for people or institutions embodying the excess that contributed to the financial system’s unraveling.

Media & NewsMar 16, 2009

State of the News Media 2009

Even before the recession, the fundamental question facing journalism was whether the news industry could win a race against the clock for survival. In the last year, two important things happened that have effectively shortened the time left on that clock. Some of the numbers are chilling.

Media & NewsMar 10, 2009

Media Get on Dow Rollercoaster

Last week marked the fourth time in four weeks that a different component of the economic crisis was the top storyline.

Media & NewsMar 4, 2009

Obamanomics: No Deficit in Press

A developing media meta narrative focused on the president’s high stakes overhaul of domestic priorities implicit in his budget proposals.

Media & NewsFeb 27, 2009

Facebook About-Face

While the economy dominated conversation online, a good many bloggers focused on a policy change made and then withdrawn at Facebook, a demonstration of the power of social media.

Media & NewsFeb 24, 2009

Supply & Demand: Crisis Eclipses All Other News

With the stimulus passed, the media moved to other economic horror stories: foreclosures, the auto industry and bailouts.