Fact TankDecember 31, 2012

Wide Partisan Gap Exists Over Gun Control

Democrats favor controlling gun ownership by 45 percentage points more than Republicans.

Fact TankDecember 28, 2012

About Half Say Parents Have Responsibility to Help Adult Child Financially

About half of the public believes parents have a responsibility to provide financial assistance to an adult child if it’s needed.

Fact TankDecember 27, 2012

Big Gaps Between Young and Old on Which News Stories They Followed Closely

There was a 43 percentage point gap between young and old adults in how closely they followed news about the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya.

Fact TankDecember 26, 2012

Israel Support in U.S. Unchanged in Wake of Gaza Conflict

The number of Americans sympathizing with Israel is five times greater than those siding with the Palestinians.

Fact TankDecember 21, 2012

Misidentifying the Birthplace of Jesus

A quarter of respondents in our 2010 religious knowledge survey incorrectly identified Jerusalem or Nazareth, instead of Bethlehem, as the birthplace of Jesus.

Fact TankDecember 20, 2012

Only a Handful of Proposals for Reducing the Deficit Get Majority Support

Only three of 12 proposals for reducing the deficit garnered majority support in an early December survey.

Fact TankDecember 19, 2012

Sharing Views on Music and Movies Popular among the World’s Social Networkers

About two-thirds of social networkers in 20 countries say they use the sites to share views about music and movies.

Fact TankDecember 18, 2012

A Quarter of Americans Expect Economy to Worsen in Next Year

A quarter of Americans expect the economy will be worse off a year from now, the highest level since June 2011.

Fact TankDecember 17, 2012

College Presidents Are Bigger Believers than Public in Online Classes

College presidents and the public are 22 points apart on whether online courses offer comparable value to classroom courses.

Fact TankDecember 14, 2012

Texting Is Nearly Universal Among Young Adult Cell Phone Owners

Texting is nearly universal among young adult cell phone owners, ages 18-29.