Fact TankDecember 26, 2006

The Wordy Tony Snow

That’s the average number of additional words in the White House press briefings given by Press Secretary Tony Snow compared with his relatively laconic predecessor Scott McClellan. As a result, the typical briefing now lasts about 10 minutes, or 30% longer than under McClellan.

Fact TankDecember 26, 2006

News on the Net

That is the percentage of home broadband users who get news online on a typical day. Those who used broadband were much more likely to include online news in their daily media diet than were dial-up users. Just 26% of those with dial-up service get news online on a typical day.

Fact TankDecember 26, 2006

Optimistic About ’07

That’s the number of Americans who say that things will be better in the new year — though only 28% are satisfied with current national conditions.

Fact TankDecember 20, 2006

The Online Medic

That’s the percentage of e-caregivers — those using the internet to search for health information during a loved one’s illness — who report that the internet helped them find advice or support from other people.

Fact TankDecember 20, 2006

Support for Gays in the Military

That’s the percentage of Americans who now support allowing gay persons to serve openly in the U.S. military. Only 32% are opposed.This represents significantly broader support for this inclusive policy than in 1994, when 52% favored allowing gays to serve openly and 45% were opposed.

Fact TankDecember 20, 2006

Gulf States Get New Tax Break

That’s the number of states that will begin receiving royalties from oil companies drilling off their coasts under legislation passed by Congress in its closing days. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas stand to gain millions of dollars from the arrangement, which opens up 8 million more acres for new off-shore drilling.

Fact TankDecember 13, 2006

Marital Bliss

That’s the percentage of married people who report being “very happy.” Married people are more likely than unmarrieds (24%) and all adults (34%) to say they are “very happy.”

Fact TankDecember 7, 2006

Support for Raising the Minimum Wage

That’s the number of Americans who favor a hefty increase in the federal minimum wage from its current level of $5.15 an hour to $7.15 an hour. The last time Congress raised the federal minimum was in 1997, but many states have now set minimum wage levels above the federal floor.

Fact TankDecember 7, 2006

Holiday Greetings

That’s the percentage of the U.S. public that prefers “Merry Christmas” to non-religious welcomes such as “Season’s Greetings.” However, given the choice, a 45% plurality says it does not matter much either way.

Fact TankDecember 5, 2006

Independent Support for Bush

That’s the percentage of political independents who now say they approve of President Bush’s job performance. Independent voters proved crucial to the Democrats’ victory on Nov. 7.