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Pew Research CenterOctober 29, 2009

Float On: Balloon Boy Still King Online

Anger over the drama surrounding Falcon Heene lived on in the blogs. Meanwhile, those on Twitter celebrated the five billionth tweet.

Pew Research CenterOctober 29, 2009

How the Public Judges News Network Ideology

The perception of Fox News as mostly conservative is shared across news audiences, but Fox News viewers are more likely to see the other cable and network stations as mostly liberal.

Pew Research CenterOctober 28, 2009

The “Zeal of the Convert”: Is It the Real Deal?

People who have switched religions consistently exhibit higher levels of religious commitment than those who still belong to their childhood faith, but the differences are relatively modest.

Pew Research CenterOctober 27, 2009

Bonus Coverage

Anger over Wall Street compensation brought the economy back onto the media’s radar. Also, Obama versus Fox News made news on all outlets.

Pew Research CenterOctober 27, 2009

Searching For Clues in the Global Warming Puzzle

Why do fewer Americans believe the earth is warming? A range of possibilities, including a sour economy and, perhaps, a cooler than normal summer in parts of the U.S., may provide an explanation.

Pew Research CenterOctober 22, 2009

Fewer Americans See Solid Evidence of Global Warming

There has been a sharp decline in the percentage of Americans who say there is solid evidence that global temperatures are rising. Still, there is more support than opposition for cap and trade policy.

Pew Research CenterOctober 22, 2009

Public Finds Afghanistan News Unchanging, Hard to Follow

As interest in the war remains modest, most Americans are unable to correctly estimate the number of U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan. Also, a majority now expects health care reform to pass.

Pew Research CenterOctober 22, 2009

Social Media Float in Thin Air

While blogs filled with global warming skepticism, the rest of social media tweeted about Balloon Boy.

Pew Research CenterOctober 21, 2009

RT: More Americans Tweeting

One-in-five online Americans are now on Twitter. Those on social networking websites, mobile internet users and young adults have been most responsible for the proliferation of tweets.

Pew Research CenterOctober 20, 2009

Balloon Boy Takes Media for a Ride

While votes and arguments about health care lead the media agenda for the full week, the story of an empty balloon was the No. 1 topic from Thursday on.