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First Impressions of Sotomayor Mostly Positive | Pew ...

... In this category, smaller percentages cite her experience, her ... Index, which
monitors the news reported by major newspaper, television, radio ...


Haiti Dominates Public's Consciousness | Pew Research ...

... newspapers as a general category (17%) within ... Journalism's News Coverage
Index, an ongoing ... The News Interest Index survey collects data from ...


A Year in the News 2010 | State of the Media

... The broad category of accidents and disasters ... oriented toward big breaking
news events with Fox ... from the perspective of general topic categories. ...


Methodologies | State of the Media

... which of the type of broad topic categories is addressed by ... March 2008 data
shows that News/ Talk is the top or second top category of listening ...


A Year in the News – Intro | State of the Media

... the leading broad topic category also featured ... its peak staffing (See Newspaper
News Investment ... Each week, the News Interest Index survey by the ...