Fact TankDecember 14, 2012

Texting Is Nearly Universal Among Young Adult Cell Phone Owners

Texting is nearly universal among young adult cell phone owners, ages 18-29.

Fact TankDecember 13, 2012

Most Egyptians Want Their Laws to Strictly Follow the Quran

Six-in-ten Egyptians said in a survey last spring that the country’s laws should strictly follow the Quran.

Fact TankDecember 12, 2012

Large Majorities of Catholics Satisfied with Pope, Church Leaders

About three-quarters of U.S. Catholics say they are satisfied with the leadership of the Pope.

Fact TankDecember 7, 2012

Most Americans Believe Failure to Avoid Fiscal Cliff Would Have a Major Impact

Nearly seven-in-ten Americans say there would be a major effect on the economy if a deal isn’t reach to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Fact TankNovember 26, 2012

Large Majority of Egyptians Put High Priority on Fair Courts

About eight-in-ten Egyptians said last spring that a fair judiciary was very important to their nation’s future.

Fact TankNovember 26, 2012

Americans Skeptical that Deal Will Be Reached on Fiscal Cliff

Most Americans (51%) said in a Nov. 8-11 survey they do not believe President Obama and Republicans in Congress will reach an agreement to avoid the “fiscal cliff.”

Fact TankNovember 26, 2012

Many Americans Don’t Fully Understand Fiscal Cliff Impact

About four-in-ten Americans say they do not understand well or at all the tax and spending consequences of going over the fiscal cliff.

Fact TankNovember 26, 2012

Cell Phones Become Key Companions for Holiday Shopping Season

Just over half of adult cell phone owners used their devices during the last holiday season to help make a shopping decision while in a store.

Fact TankNovember 26, 2012

Parents Show High Concern over Their Children’s’ Online Privacy

About eight-in-ten parents of online teens say they worry about how much information advertisers can learn about their child’s online behavior, topping a list of privacy concerns.

Fact TankNovember 15, 2012

Most Muslim Americans Say Israel, Palestinian Rights Can Coexist

In 2011, six-in-ten Muslim Americans said a way can be found for Israel to exist that also addresses the rights and needs of Palestinians.