Michael Dimock


Expertise: Politics and Elections, Foreign Policy

Carroll Doherty

Director, Political Research

Expertise: Foreign Policy, Journalism and Media, Politics and Elections

Richard Fry

Senior Researcher

Expertise: Education, Hispanics, Race and Ethnicity

Rakesh Kochhar

Associate Director, Research

Expertise: Hispanics, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity

Mark Hugo Lopez

Director of Hispanic Research

Expertise: Hispanics, Immigration, Politics and Elections

Rich Morin

Senior Editor

Expertise: Demographics and Social Trends, Generations and Age

Kim Parker

Director of Social Trends Research

Expertise: Demographics and Social Trends, Gender, Generations and Age, Marriage and Families

Katie Simmons

Senior Researcher

Expertise: Global Attitudes

Bruce Stokes

Director, Global Economic Attitudes

Expertise: Foreign Policy, Global Attitudes

Paul Taylor

Senior Fellow

Expertise: Demographics and Social Trends, Education, Generations and Age, Race and Ethnicity

Alec Tyson

Senior Researcher

Expertise: Foreign Policy, Politics and Elections